Datacard unveils card issuance systems

Source: Datacard Group

Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, demonstrated its Datacard Syntera manufacturing efficiency software today at CARTES 2005.

This enterprise software solution increases the productivity of high-volume card issuance operations by creating a single, real-time repository for automating every aspect of card issuance including data input, scheduling, workflow management and auditing.

Designed specifically for the card industry using open standards, Syntera software comprises a suite of software modules that can be configured to meet specific card production needs including reporting, auditing and security requirements, quality assurance and reduced production costs.

"By optimizing both operator and process efficiencies, Syntera software provides real-time information management that makes it easy to track the status of any job at any time," said Neil Crocker, vice president of marketing for Datacard Group. "It also positions high volume issuers to deliver new profit by streamlining small job processing and one-to-one marketing opportunities," he said.

Instead of relying on inefficient or error-prone paper-based processes, Syntera software provides managers with live, comprehensive views of their operation that allow them to drive quality improvements in reconciliation, reporting and shop management. Screen-based user access and password protections also help ensure security at the operations level.

"Issuers face changing demands on a daily basis," said Crocker. "Syntera software provides the oversite and control needed to maximize bottom-line performance by getting cards to customers more quickly."

The company also demonstrated the Datacard SE68 card issuance system today at CARTES 2005, showing card issuers how to get cards into consumers' hands more quickly and efficiently than ever.

This fast and powerful tabletop embossing system offers topping, indent printing and magnetic stripe encoding and fully supports contact and contactless smart card personalization capabilities required for EMV migration. In addition, the SE68 system provides the speed, flexibility and advanced security features financial institutions require for on-demand issuance of ready-to-use credit, debit, ATM and EMV cards.

"This system meets a growing market need for secure, low-cost instant issuance of transactional cards. Banks, credit unions and retailers can use the SE68 system to deliver low-cost financial cards instantly," said Neil Crocker, vice president of marketing and corporate development for Datacard Group. "Speed, low operating costs and superb card quality also make the system ideal for a variety of non-financial applications, such as healthcare cards and membership IDs."

In addition to instant issuance applications, the Datacard SE68 system is designed for short-run and batch-issuance requirements in centralized card programs. "With production volumes up to 120 cards per hour and 25,000 cards per year, the system is a very attractive solution for some central issuance programs," Crocker said. "Card issuers can build a production environment around multiple Datacard SE68 systems and enjoy tremendous flexibility and extremely low operating costs."

The system also offers many financial-grade security features, including 3-DES encryption, CPX protocol, locked cabinets, a non-resettable card counter and networking options. A sleek, user-friendly design speeds access for supplies replenishment, routine maintenance and service.

Futhermore, the group announced today at CARTES 2005 that it has surpassed 100 complete smart card issuance solutions implementations worldwide. These simple and scalable solutions, which are designed to make smart cards as easy to issue as magnetic stripe cards, have been widely embraced by issuers of EMV financial cards, government passport and ID cards, GSM telecommunications, healthcare IDs and transit cards.

Issuers who want to retain control of their project schedules and keep their cardholder data in house have looked to Datacard Group for simplified, plug-and-play smart card issuance solutions as an alternative to creating expensive, custom infrastructures. Built on issuers' existing magnetic stripe issuance infrastructure, these field-proven smart card issuance solutions protect their investments by using open standards and scalable designs to easily accommodate growing card programs.

"We recognize that the path to implementation doesn't need to be complex," said Neil Crocker, vice president of marketing for Datacard Group. "A modest pilot infrastructure can easily be expanded as the smart card program grows and becomes more dynamic."

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