Poland's mBank turns to Cloudera for big data processing

Source: Cloudera

Cloudera, the provider of the leading global platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies, today announced that the fourth largest bank in Poland, mBank, has selected Cloudera to manage the company’s big data demands.

mBank uses Cloudera for integrated processing and analysis of massive volumes of data. Cloudera Enterprise allows the bank to be more competitive and to use its existing IT infrastructure more efficiently, while accelerating its internal processes. For many years mBank, a member of the Commerzbank Group, has been synonymous with innovative banking solutions, serving more than 4.45 million private and business customers around the country.

BRE Bank was established in 1986. In 2000, BRE Bank launched its first retail banking operation called mBank, a purely internet bank. In 2013, the parent bank rebranded and merged all three brands (BRE Bank, MultiBank and mBank) in one portfolio under one name: mBank, which is currently focused on the development of mobile and online banking solutions.

With the introduction of Cloudera Enterprise, mBank has successfully built a modern IT infrastructure, tightening the bank’s grip on big data. Now, mBank can integrate massive volumes of data and fill the data warehouse while simultaneously accessing all data sources that were previously inaccessible. With the accelerated data processing and integrated data sets that include previously untapped data, mBank is able to improve the time it takes for analytics and insights leading to a competitive advantage.

"We only need eight hours for the whole process now. We also believe that we can improve performance even further, so that we can access the data in just four hours," said Artur Szymanski, manager responsible for the IT infrastructure for data warehousing and data science at mBank. “This modern data architecture will also make it possible for mBank to reduce its costs and begin accessing and integrating data that was inaccessible with the slow legacy environment. Being able to access all the data means we can deploy a multitude of applications for the very first time. We will also be able to save money, because much of the data will be available through Cloudera instead of the legacy data warehouse."

The decision to select Cloudera was made following a thorough evaluation. "We took a detailed look at various data management platforms," said Szymanski. "In the end, we quickly made a decision in favor of Cloudera. We were highly impressed by tools like Apache Impala (incubating) and Apache Spark. Cloudera Manager makes cluster management much easier than alternative solutions where the administrative set-up requires 40 pages of instruction. Cloudera simply has the most modern enterprise platform available on the market."

“Financial services organisations are increasingly turning to big data environments to provide key insights and get value from all data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Cloudera Enterprise helps mBank efficiently capture, store, process, and analyse vast amounts of data, empowering them to drive better business decisions,” said David Pieterse, vice president EMEA at Cloudera. “To meet their growing digital needs for speed and integration, mBank has transformed their business into a modern IT infrastructure that can address complex business challenges and analytics faster and more accurately while adhering to regulations and requisite security and governance practices.”

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