Novus and Cheyne Capital partner to build fixed income analytics platform

Source: Novus

Novus, the world’s leading Portfolio Intelligence platform for institutional investors and managers, and Cheyne Capital Management LLP (Cheyne), the London-based global alternative investment manager, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to build an innovative fixed-income analytics platform for both allocators and managers within the investment community.

The platform will harness the power of Novus’ robust data alongside Cheyne’s extensive credit investing expertise to provide risk-based analytics and portfolio insights typically not widely available in fixed income, to improve investment skills, portfolio optimisation and performance potential. The Credit team at Cheyne Capital will work closely with Novus’ engineers and data scientists to help inform and shape key product decisions to create this cutting-edge platform for institutional allocators and managers.

Together, the partnership will look to contribute to the growing understanding of factor investing in credit markets. It will also assist Cheyne in advancing its own skillset and support Novus in expanding its analytics offering across the fixed income asset class, a field whose complexity has often confounded the provision of in-depth analytics.

“Novus has made an impressive impact on the asset management industry by equipping both allocators and asset managers with insights and tools to better understand, measure and improve portfolio construction,” said Stuart Fiertz, Cheyne Capital’s co-founder, President and Director of Research. “At Cheyne, our priority is to consistently deliver value for our clients and the ability to have a strong understanding of both markets and positions, and glean insights accordingly is essential to achieving this. We see a growing opportunity for alternative asset managers and FinTech companies to work together to help propel our industry forward and provide higher-quality intelligence to allocators to improve processes for selecting investments and managers.”

Andrea Gentilini, Head of Europe for Novus added: “Novus is committed to designing and building a world-class fixed-income analytics platform for the investor community. The company is investing a substantial amount of its technology and engineering resources into creating a fully deployable product that satisfies the market demand for better, more accurate and predictive fixed income analytics.”
“By constructing a team of cutting-edge data scientists, credit analytics specialists and industry practitioners, Cheyne has become one of the most experienced and knowledgeable fixed-income experts. We are excited to work with Cheyne to build this platform, which will span research and portfolio management across the credit sector, and help to accelerate the development of Portfolio Intelligence in the broader investment community”.

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