CSFB connects to MetaBit market liquidity hub

Source: MetaBit

MetaBit announces the 9th broker, Credit Suisse First Boston, to connect to its Market Liquidity Hub (MLH).

Buy side clients connected to the MLH can extend their market access to the trading network of CSFB, provider of the Advanced Execution Services (AES), CSFB's sophisticated algorithmic trading platform. With CSFB joining the MLH, MetaBit offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to an even greater liquidity pool in Japan.

Hedge funds and asset managers can now trade with CSFB through MetaBit's intuitive trading tool, XiliX. XiliX is a FIX enabled multi-broker DMA tool geared to the needs of hedge funds and asset managers and has imbedded the leading CameronFIX platform. XiliX trades equity products, index and commodity futures listed on all of Japan's major exchanges.

"MetaBit wished to provide Japanese buy side institutions the value added service to access CSFB's AES algorithmic trading platform through MetaBit's Japanese language user interface," says Yoko Tateya, Director at MetaBit. "We are very pleased to have further enhanced our services for Japan's domestic asset managers and hedge funds in particular. It has always been MetaBit's drive to provide localised value added services to Japan's domestic market segment."

"By offering access to MetaBit's XiliX and MLH, CSFB is expanding its position in the Japanese market and emphasizing its focus to service our Japan client base," says Hirofumi Takayama, Director at CSFB Japan. "Through XiliX, we can now offer Japanese clients access to the world's finest and largest algorithmic trading platform in Japanese. AES offers a comprehensive suite of automated, algorithmic trading strategies to assist buy side and sell side traders in an effort to improve their performance and consistency. With today's announcement with MetaBit, CSFB offers its clients with a wider range of electronic access to the firm’s entire suite of AES."

The CameronFIX platform gives firms access to global markets, high availability, integrated compliance, monitoring, exception management, market data services and more. The latest CameronFIX Version 6.2 provides further trading enhancements for risk and compliance, workflow management, advanced execution and networks/HUBs.

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