Bank of Colorado brings the teller to the cash machine

Source: Bank of Colorada

Bank of Colorado announced that they are introducing an innovative new way to bank with their newest teller, ATM Live -- an Interactive Teller Machine in Johnstown, located at 4848 Thompson Parkway.

By combining the convenience of an ATM with the service and expertise of an in-person bank visit, ATM Live creates an experience much like video chatting with a banker. Bank of Colorado is the first community bank in Colorado to debut this new service, with several ATM Live locations in the Northern Colorado region.

This state-of-the-art teller machine is an innovative industry disruptor. In the cold digital age of automation, ATM Live brings a personal connection to a user experience that has long been due for an update. "With one tap, our customers are connected to a live teller, capable of many of the transactions they're used to at a teller line, with no added transaction time. We're using our focus on innovation to enhance our customer's experience at every level of banking," said Christian Bordewick, President of the Johnstown Bank of Colorado branch.

ATM Live offers two-way audio and video interaction with a teller located at a remote site, or can be used as a standard ATM machine 24/7. When connected to a live teller, an ATM card or PIN is not required, offering a personalized one-on-one banking experience with the ability to complete many banking functions.

As Bank of Colorado looks for ways to reach more customers in more places, ATM Live accomplished that goal while enabling the bank to make use of its best asset; a talented staff committed to excellent customer service. ATM Live has a dedicated teller staff at the ready to provide personal service to patrons of the new machines.

"This technology allows Bank of Colorado to offer enhanced services to our community, utilizing best-in-class technology for our customers. Using ATM Live, one can speak with a teller via real-time video and receive the same quality of personal assistance you would if you walked into a branch," said Shawn Osthoff, President of Bank of Colorado.

Bordewick added, ATM Live allows us to continue to serve our business and retail customers in an efficient way, and we're proud to be on the front lines of this customer service innovation."

While this technology is new to Johnstown, it's not new to Bank of Colorado. With ATM Live in Greeley, Windsor, Paonia, Lakewood, Longmont, Loveland, Colorado Springs, Durango and now Johnstown, Bank of Colorado has 9 units serving their customers across the state.

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