Bank-backed Visible Alpha unveils investment research platform

Source: Visible Alpha

Visible Alpha, an investment research technology firm founded by some of the world’s leading investment banks – Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Jefferies, Morgan Stanley and UBS – today announced the commercial availability of its new investment research platform with content contributed by more than twenty research firms.

By normalizing the underlying data behind research analysts’ financial models and forecasts, Visible Alpha improves the way investors consume and analyze sell-side research services across every aspect of their workflow.

With Visible Alpha, intelligent consensus models on more than 1,500 companies across all sectors are now available. Over the past year, more than 140 asset managers have participated in Visible Alpha’s beta program to evaluate the fundamental drivers of these companies, uncover investment controversies between analysts and discover valuable insights that were previously inaccessible.

By employing advanced machine learning supported by a team of more than 130 financial analysts and sector specialists, Visible Alpha extracts the data and logic in analysts’ spreadsheet models. The platform provides deep comparable and consensus views across hundreds of line items, such as unit sales, pricing and margins for individual products and key financial, divisional and operational metrics for each company.

“In conjunction with our founding brokers, we identified a challenge in effectively communicating analysts’ insights,” says Roma Greening, Global Head of Contributor Relations at Visible Alpha. “With a growing roster of sell-side and independent research firms on board, we can now bridge that communication gap and provide a more integrated experience for investors. This is the first of many industry-wide challenges that we plan to take on together.”

“Sharing the Visible Alpha platform and its growing suite of analytical tools with the investment community is very exciting, and we are incredibly grateful to our content partners, beta release participants and our investors for their support and feedback,” said Scott Rosen, CEO of Visible Alpha. “By providing a new level of transparency and context, we believe Visible Alpha will dramatically improve the value of communication between all market participants.”

Last month, Visible Alpha announced its acquisition of ONEaccess, a leading corporate access, resource tracking and broker valuation platform. “With the Visible Alpha platform now available and the integration of the ONEaccess technology well underway, both sides of the market can now value and measure the research and other content propelling the market conversation in new and differentiated ways,” Rosen added. 

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