Western Independent Bankers launches app store

Source: Linqto

Western Independent Bankers (WIB) and Linqto announced today the launch of their new and cutting-edge WIB App Store.

This next-level platform offers a wide variety of high-demand lifestyle Fintech apps for member banks to rebrand and distribute to customers. In addition, this one-of-a-kind storefront supports a new revenue-generating system as vendors increase adoption and monetize their apps. With the WIB App Store, community banks can now compete with big banks by offering innovative technology to their market at a fraction of the typical industry cost.

To meet growing consumer demand for progressive smartphone and app offerings, big banks have invested substantial resources in creating their own financial lifestyle apps, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Community banks, however, have been marginalized by development costs resulting in an inability to disrupt the market stronghold. Now, with this new platform offered by Western Independent Bankers, member banks can compete and win with customized applications designed to appeal to a multitude of demographics. “Western Independent Bankers has a recognizable name and large footprint with community banks,” said Bill Sarris, CEO of Linqto. “Via this strategic partnership with WIB and WIB Service Corporation, more than 800 community banks will have 'storefront' access to the latest Fintech apps. We can bring brand loyalty and market share to these banks through the Linqto Platform.”

Linqto will deliver the WIB App Store through its automated delivery platform. The Linqto Software Delivery Platform allows financial institutions to choose the latest high-demand Fintech apps from a digital storefront and within minutes, the app is uniquely branded with the bank’s name and logo. That app is then immediately available for internal bank testing and, upon completion, is automatically distributed to the major app stores, Apple and Google. With a process that is expeditious and fully automated, the WIB App Store also offers a collection of non-Fintech lifestyle apps that are rapidly gaining popularity with the millennial generation.

“All of our banks want to appeal to the digital generation and develop customer loyalty through service and innovation,” said WIB President & CEO Michael Delucchi. “By using the WIB App Store, banks can now transform the customer experience without the white-label and branding costs that have traditionally kept them confined to the standard banking transaction app. There is a framework of opportunity here, and we’re excited to see our members take advantage of it.” 

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