Gemplus authentication server receives MasterCard OneSmart CAP certification

Source: Gemplus

Gemplus International S.A. (Euronext: LU0121706294 - GEM; NASDAQ: GEMP), the world's leading provider of smart card solutions, today announced that its user Authentication Server, GemAuthenticate was successfully tested against the MasterCard OneSMART Chip Authentication Program (CAP) specification.

The approval makes it possible for financial institutions to use GemAuthenticate with the popular MasterCard authentication program. Gemplus is the first smart card manufacturer to achieve this certification.

Using the GemAuthenticate Server, MasterCard's customer financial institutions can secure customer access to online banking services and online purchases using two-factor authentication. Cardholders simply insert their standard EMV card (something they have) into a portable reader, which is supplied to them by their bank, and enter their PIN (something they know). Each time a user enters their PIN, a one time password (OTP) is generated and used to authenticate the user over the bank's network. Users can then access their online banking services and make online purchases knowing that their personal information is safe and secure. In addition to reducing fraud, the solution helps to reduce password management costs.

"MasterCard partners with leading companies, such as Gemplus, to provide its customer financial institutions with the highly secure chip-based cardholder authentication programs needed for e-payment and e-banking channels," said Dr. Toni Merschen, senior vice president, Chip Center of Excellence, MasterCard International. "The MasterCard OneSMART Chip Authentication Program leverages existing EMV infrastructure and extends it into the virtual world."

"After delivering secure solutions in the physical world, Gemplus is now helping banks fight fraud in the virtual world with its GemAuthenticate Server," said Philippe David, Vice-President Business Development, Financial Services at Gemplus. "By combining this innovative solution with Gemplus' smart payment cards and readers, financial institutions can now seamlessly implement a strong authentication solution at minimal cost, while enjoying greater returns on their EMV investment."

The OneSMART Chip Authentication Program is part of MasterCard's SecureCode program, which extends MasterCard's guaranteed payment model to the Internet. Issuers have the option of selecting the authentication solution that best meets their business and risk management requirements. For the consumer, the benefits are also numerous. CAP offers a single access method to all banking services and secures online transactions with little impact to the overall shopping experience.

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