Euroclear Finland delays migration to T2S as Infinity timetable slips

Source: Euroclear

Together with the market participants we have agreed to review time schedules for remaining Infinity releases. With this review we want to ensure the delivery of a safe and stable platform.

A revised timetable for the Infinity Release 2 will be discussed in the meeting with the Finnish Market Advisory Committee in mid-February. The revised timing for the Infinity phase 2 release will also impact the schedule for the final phase of Infinity’s development, which includes its connection to the ECB’s Target2-Securities (T2S) platform. As such, we will not be able to migrate to T2S on the current date scheduled in September 2017.

Euroclear remains fully committed to the T2S project and continue to work closely with the ECB, the CSD community and our clients to evaluate possible alternative migration schedules. In addition, we continue to dedicate all available resources and expertise to Finland’s Infinity and T2S project and we remain committed to the safety, stability and resiliency of the marketplace.

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