USAA bulks up mobile wallet

Source: USAA

The idea of searching through your purse or wallet to find your card soon may become like flipping through a phone book to find a phone number.

Beyond mobile payments, the USAA digital wallet is bringing members access to other staples of their physical wallet, including their auto insurance card and medical insurance card.

"Our goal is to take mobile one step further from point of sale capabilities," said Prianka Advani, assistant vice president at USAA Bank. "As mobile devices continue to become the thing our members can't live without, we want to take full advantage of the device's intelligence to bring members the services and information they need at anytime, anywhere."

The six new digital wallet features include:

Virtual access to cards - Members now can see their full card number and information in their digital wallet. In addition, they can use their card information at point of sale even if they left their physical card at home.
Auto insurance ID card - Members can access their proof of insurance, including a printable PDF for insured vehicles.
Medicare Supplement ID Card - Members can also access their Medicare insurance information through their digital wallet.
Mobile payments - Samsung Pay recently became available for all USAA Visa and American Express debit and credit cards. This provides an additional mobile payment choice as USAA members already had access to Apple Pay and Android Pay.
Security features - If members lose their physical wallet or card, they can easily block their cards, report them lost, order a replacement, check on any unauthorized transactions and even get a status on when the new card will arrive in the mail.
Common card services - Activate one or multiple cards, create or update a PIN and view declined transactions.

These new USAA digital wallet features were developed based on data about which services members used most often.

"Our goal is to continually improve upon and develop the digital wallet to serve our members' ever-changing mobile needs," said Advani. "We'll continue to bring banking services to our members in the platforms they choose, including those outside of our own app."

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