SendMoney24 launches direct money transfer service to Visa and Mastercard cards

Source: SendMoney24

The “Card Deposit” service allows customers to remit funds directly to any Visa and MasterCard cards issued by any bank worldwide.

In contrast to standard money remittances, neither the receiver’s bank account number, nor any other accompanying information is required. All one needs is the card’s number and the name and surname of the cardholder.

“We are delighted to start offering our customers direct money transfer services to any VISA and MasterCard cards. The Card Deposit service is an easy, fast and secure way for sending money to family and friends with VISA and MasterCard cards abroad, the service is particularly convenient for the money recipients as the remitted funds are credited directly to their own card account and can be withdrawn at any local ATM or used to pay for local goods and services ”, says Ruzanna Zazian, Head of Business Development at SendMoney24.

When remittances to MasterCard and VISA cards are made, the remitted funds are automatically converted into the currency of the receiving card. Funds are normally credited into the receiving card account within minutes but can take up 3 working days to be credited, depending on the receiving bank’s processing times. 

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