TAS Group's EasyBranch shrinks the ATM

Source: TAS Group

EasyBranch, a TAS Group venture delivering transformative branch banking software, will debut EasySelf to the international market on 29 November at TrusTech 2016 in Cannes, France.

The newest addition to the EasyBranch suite focuses on enriching the self-service side of customer experience. EasySelf was initially launched earlier this month in the company’s headquarter country of Italy at the “Salone dei Pagamenti” where demos received favorable reviews.

EasySelf addresses the heightened need for branch automation and the key role ATMs play in the omnichannel vision banks are incorporating into their competitive strategies. The suite is a market ready solution consisting of a mini-ATM and cash recycling Smart-Safe hardware components managed by TAS software providing all the functionality of a full size ATM - at a fraction of the cost of traditional branch models. Multiple mini-ATM points can be connected to a single Smart-Safe cash recycler located anywhere in the self-service area of the branch. Each EasySelf mini-ATM point can also be connected to the bank’s customer service personnel, whether onsite or in a centralized remote location, allowing customers to contact them via video call or chat messaging onscreen.

Because the costs to install and maintain EasySelf are low, as well as the size and physical space needed are small, banks can add touch points by installing automated branch services anywhere, like in and around retail stores, extending even greater convenience to their customers. Retailers also benefit from adding EasySelf in-store through both the cashback systems security features and the fact that deposited cash deposits is owned by the bank. Kiosk screens can be co-opted as digital signage for retailers to create excitement around store promotions and advertising.

The mini ATM points can be configured to handle a multitude of non-cash transactions including bill pay, prepaid card and mobile phone recharging, balance transfers, cheque scanning. Thus, freeing up bank staff for more high-value sales and support. Of course, cash withdrawal and deposit requests are available through each mini-ATM with the physical action taking place at the Smart-Safe where customers scan their coded receipts to complete the action.

The greatest advantages of the EasySelf solution for banks is drastic reductions in setup and operational costs for ATM equipment, management and service. Their customers benefit from fewer teller queues and reduced wait times while maintaining personalized service through more modernized branches. The EasySelf system also offers banks to install these self-service banking points in and around retail stores, creating even more convenience to their customers.

Danilo Rivalta, Executive Vice President of EasyBranch, said, “The introduction of EasySelf is a major disruptor to bank automation. Although branch transformation is still a relatively young initiative in the marketplace, the approach to date has been about updating existing ATM models, which retain the high cost of implementation. TAS Group looked at the challenge from an entirely different perspective, attacking the underlying cost issues banks are facing when developing our solution. EasySelf is a win for the bank and for their customers’ experience.”

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