CounterpartyLink upgrades legal entity data product

Source: CounterpartyLink

CounterpartyLink has announced the next release of its product, version 1.2.

The new product release improves on the earlier version by including more comprehensive and detailed listing, registration and regulator information. It also now includes additional industry-standard identifiers.

CounterpartyLink provides auditable legal entity data designed to help organisations meet the growing requirements of AML compliance, credit risk management, securities processing and client database/CRM applications.

The first adopter is Cicada, which is using the feed as part of a legal entity data sourcing and customised data management solution for a major bank.

"CounterpartyLink is committed to continually enhancing our product to respond to market drivers and the requirements of regulatory compliance," said Christoph Lammersdorf, CounterpartyLink Managing Director. "This release strengthens even further our position as a natural partner in an effective customer verification strategy."

CounterpartyLink data is collected in centres around the world and is verified and maintained using rigorous, documented processes and procedures. All data collection and intervention is supported by an audit trail to aid in meeting compliance requirements.

Issuer and hierarchy data, as well as the related linkages needed to integrate with other data sources, are monitored continuously for corporate actions and other changes that affect the data.

The types of entities covered include corporations, funds and fund managers, financial institutions, governments, and most other common entities and their immediate, intermediate, and ultimate parents.

The data provided by CounterpartyLink is available through a subscription-based license, driven by user-defined interest lists. The data is delivered to customers on a daily basis, in a choice of file formats including XML and CSV (comma-delimited) files.

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