Monzo seeks head of partnerships

Source: Monzo

We're looking for someone to build useful partnerships that position Monzo at the heart of our customers’ financial lives.

The data inside a Monzo bank account is extraordinarily valuable. We want to put that data to work for the good of customers, solving the complex and tedious tasks that exist around your bank account.

This might involve helping a customer to get a better deal from their gas or electricity supplier, collecting loyalty points from grocery chains, or submitting a self-assessment tax return to HMRC.

We’re looking for someone to lead the team that builds out these key partnerships, from beginning to end. This will start with deciding the areas of priority, choosing the right partners, striking commercial deals, working to prototype new integrations, trialling them with customers, launching them publicly, and optimising their performance over time.

It’s an exciting role which involves you working directly with a large cross-section of the company, from the exec team to design, engineering, compliance and marketing.

This is a brand-new initiative, so we’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to get hands-on, at least in the early days. You don’t necessarily need a technical or design background, but you should be happy working alongside people with these skills to rapidly prototype new product features. Ideally, you should have been involved in building a new digital product from scratch. As the marketplace grows, you’ll be responsible for hiring and managing your team, and liaising with key strategic partners.

We fundamentally believe that the data belongs to the customer. Monzo is there to help customers manage and share that data, if they choose to do so. Your job is to bring that to life!

Here are some of the things you'll be working on:

Price Comparison - Monzo is perfectly positioned to tell you if you’re overpaying for your gas, electricity, broadband, mobile phone, car insurance and more. You should be able to switch supplier with a couple of clicks.

Retailer Loyalty, Cashback & Discounts - Carrying around a purse full of retailer branded loyalty cards doesn’t seem like a 21st century solution. What if Monzo automatically accumulated loyalty points from the big grocery chains? Or helped you get every 10th coffee free at your local coffeeshop?

Investments - If you’re lucky enough to have a few thousand pounds sitting in your Monzo account, why not invest it and earn a return? You might want to start a pension, or open a new ISA. Perhaps you’re happy to take more risk for a higher return, and invest in stocks or a P2P lending platform?

Monzo Open API & App Store - Submitting a monthly expense report to your employer is tedious. What if Monzo could automate it by integrating with your company’s accounting software? Or file your annual tax return online with HMRC? These are just two of the thousands of potential apps that people could build on the Monzo API.

You should apply if:

  • You’ve established external partnerships in the past, and you think strategically about business development.
  • You’re product-oriented and you have successfully worked side-by-side with designers and engineers to quickly prototype new digital products.
  • You can strike the balance between quick-and-dirty solutions and a long-term relationship-building.
  • You’ve had been involved in growing and managing teams.
  • You’re not happy with the way things work today, and are always looking for better, more creative solutions. 

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