Fujitsu, Triton team to service mid-size financial sector via Prism licensing deal


Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. and Triton have entered into a strategic licensing agreement that will provide a broader range of automated-teller machine solutions for small to mid-size financial institutions and the retail ATM market.

Through the worldwide joint licensing agreement, Triton will further enhance and then deploy Fujitsu's Windows-based ATM software application, Prism(TM), on its current and next generation ATM hardware. Prism features standard 912 transaction emulation and uses Microsoft's industry-standard WOSA-XFS interface, enabling the same application to run on any Windows-capable ATM.

"Triton's relationship with Fujitsu is an excellent example of how two global companies can capitalize on their existing strengths to provide retail customers and financial institutions with the most cost-effective ATM solutions. Prism software will provide our customers with a proven, tested, and certified Windows-based application," said Brian Kett, president of Triton.

A team of Prism software developers from Fujitsu has joined Triton and will continue ongoing development of the Prism product in support of Triton's initiatives. Other personnel will transfer to Triton to support activities related to both Prism and the reseller channel. Fujitsu's current ATM resellers will now have the opportunity to resell and service the new Triton products in addition to the current ATM offerings from Fujitsu. Fujitsu will also continue to sell and support both its Series 8000 ATMs and Prism software to its direct customers.

"Smaller financial institutions will now have a robust, Web-enabled ATM solution at a very attractive price point," said Bill Witte, senior vice president, self service, product and marketing operations for Fujitsu Transaction Solutions. "There is a great deal of synergy between our product lines and target markets. Triton is the market leader in off-premise ATMs for the retail market, which complements Fujitsu's solutions for retail and financial systems customers."

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