Telekurs Financial: Comeback on the French market


On 1 January 2004, Telekurs Financial is starting to market its products through its new French subsidiary, which was set up in April 2003. It will shortly be halting the supply of financial information to Fininfo. With its extensive range of products, Telekurs (France) SAS is targeting a wide variety of professionals who use financial and stock market data.

Traditionally, Telekurs Financial provides data to customers in the areas of asset management, portfolio management, investment banking, brokerage, archiving and all areas connected with financial websites. To meet their differing needs, Telekurs (France) SAS will be marketing products ranging from structured and encoded securities data (Valordata Feed - VDF) and market data (Market data Feed - MDF) to display products (Telekurs iD), including the valuation pricing service EVPS.

Telekurs Financials products are based on state-of-the-art technologies and formats such as the ISO 15022 format, which is used for the processing product VDF and Java for the display product Telekurs iD.

Building on its initial customer base in France and Monaco (especially Citigroup, EFG-Eurofinancière d'Investissements and HSBC), Telekurs (France) SAS intends to expand rapidly in its traditional areas of business. Telekurs (France) SAS has 25 staff focusing on commercial, IT and marketing & communication activities, as well as customer support services, project development and the procurement of data on the French market, thus ensuring a particularly efficient service tailored to customers' expectations.

Although Telekurs Financial has terminated its industrial and commercial agreements with Fininfo SA, it will continue to supply financial information to Fininfo for a transitional period.

Under its agreements with Fininfo SA, Telekurs Financial granted Fininfo an exclusive marketing licence for its Finvest and FinXS display products in France and Monaco. This agreement has ended. From 1 January 2004 Telekurs (France) SAS will have the exclusive marketing rights for the most recent addition to the product range, Telekurs iD.

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