Barclaycard in Germany implements online account opening with Arvato

Source: Arvato

Arvato Financial Solutions, a global financial services provider, can shorten the loan application process via its solution ‚digital account check‘ for customers from several days to less than 30 minutes. One of the first outstanding examples on the German market is Barclaycard, one of the world’s leading banks.

Barclaycard has successfully digitized the complete loan application process for their online business through the combination of the digital account check and a newly implemented video identification solution.

Internet and mobile devices have become core elements of our life. The digital revolution is also transforming the way customers access financial products and services. Innovation must therefore be part of the banking and finance DNA, too. In recent years, e.g. the payments industry has experienced a high level of disruption with the surge of new digital applications that facilitate easier payments, alternative processing networks and the increased use of electronic devices to transfer money between accounts. Fintechs introduce innovative technologies and challenge traditional banking processes. Speed and convenience are therefore vital in order to fulfill the customers’ expectations in digital processes. However, in spite of a variety of optimizations in recent years, there has still been no fully automated consumer loan application process. In times of digitization and quick delivery of products consumers want to receive the requested credit amount on their account easy and promptly.

On the German market it takes nearly one week including mail delivery time to validate the indications of an applicant for a loan decision. To assess a consumer’s credit solvency means that you have to evaluate the financial situation on basis of a valid and extensive budget accounting. By digitizing the complete loan application process consumers can now profit from a radical time reduction. The digital account check makes the loan application process much easier - both online and in the branch. The solution allows the applicant to submit the relevant documentation for the transaction digitally and in real time and thus enables a deep-dive analysis of his account - by giving his consent and entering the login data by himself for a one-time access to his account.

The digital account check is aggregating the account transactions, is realizing an online housekeeping billing and is calculating the available liquidity. Furthermore, external data such as credit information can be integrated, too. The data is checked and thoroughly analyzed in real time. A recommendation is then provided based on this analysis, allowing the bank to make a quick and safe decision on whether to accept the application. The customer receives the loan automatically onto the account within 24 hours depending on the individual settings of the bank.

This can now be done without any change in media - unlike the old process, which frequently involved printing out statements, sending them by post and digitizing them in the bank where complex checks were performed. This often led to the procedure being cancelled partway through.

Dr. Frank Schlein (President Risk Management, Arvato Financial Solutions) says: „We introduced to the market a new very consumer-friendly financing product observing the strict data protection and data security requirements in Europe. With the digital account check Barclaycard and our other clients from the banking sector are one step ahead and can offer a comfortable, quick and safe loan process to consumers.”

Thomas Mörchen (Head of Product Management Deposits & Loans at Barclaycard) emphasizes: „By digitizing and streamlining the loan application process we have reached a significant shortening of the loan decision for our customers. The digital account check has been the missing link for a completely digital loan application process. We are expecting a considerable increase in credit agreements. Our customers will not have to select, copy and send by post anymore old account statements and other documents as the salary slip, but can apply and decide for the loan completely digital. In case of a credit agreement the money is often transferred within hours, but latest in the morning of the next day.”

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