Primark finds payment card skimmers in retail store

Source: Primark

Primark US Corp. ("Primark") discovered that payment card skimmers had been illegally placed on a limited number of card payment machines by persons unknown in the Danbury Fair Mall location.

"Skimmers" are devices that criminals use to steal payment card data. Skimmers are typically about the size of a deck of cards, are placed over payment card readers, such as payment card terminals in retail stores, and are typically undetectable by the average user. The skimmer can capture magnetic stripe data as payment cards are swiped.

The devices were removed from affected machines on the day they were discovered, and store management immediately contacted law enforcement.

Primark is working closely with local and federal law enforcement and fully cooperating on their investigation of the incident, sharing all available information.

This incident may have affected a certain number of credit and debit card transactions beginning July 29, 2016. Not all credit and debit card transactions were impacted. Given the nature of payment card skimmers, card information could have been affected by the incident. This incident did not involve any attempt to access Primark systems, and Primark does not store any customer card data on any of its systems.

Primark recommends customers remain vigilant by regularly reviewing credit and debit card statements and immediately alerting their credit or debit card issuing bank of any suspicious charges. This is one the most important steps to detect and prevent unauthorized use of credit or debit card numbers.

The security of our customers remains a priority for Primark, and the company sincerely regrets that this incident has occurred. Primark continues to work with law enforcement agencies who are investigating this incident.
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