WeInvest makes first trade in South East Asia

Source: WeInvest

Singapore’s accredited investors today executed the first trades on a robo-adviser platform in Southeast Asia.

The purchase of a position in the diversified risk All Weather Portfolio was the first on the WeInvest robo-adviser platform, partnered with Lighthouse Canton investment manager. It provides a range of passive asset allocation portfolios and thematic baskets across a fully supported suite of strategies, asset classes and currencies.

Lighthouse Canton, with an AUM of USD 400m, offer their clients access to these investment strategies starting from as little as 0.4 percent. The WeInvest platform makes it possible to offer the reduced advisory fee, minimizing capital expenditure and operational expenses, with a service that is both desktop and hand-phone enabled. WeInvest CEO, Bhaskar Prabhakara “Our Platform as a Service is a fully-supported end-to-end model; our clients can launch and execute with minimal outlay. The inbuilt flexibility allows for a high degree of customization with the shortest time to market”

Research from Business Insider Intelligence shows that robo-advisory services will be predominantly utilized by pre-existing investors, with robo-advisors managing 10 percent of global AUM by 2020. “We designed our range of investment products specifically to meet investor appetites, drawing on our extensive expertise in the market” explained Lighthouse Canton CEO, Shilpi Chowdhary. “This is a significant day for the investment management community as we turn the page on robo-advisory in Southeast Asia”

An accredited investor in Singapore are those with net personal assets exceeding $2 million, with an income minimum of $300,000 per year.

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