Bigg's to roll out Pay By Touch biometric payments technology

Source: Pay By Touch

Bigg's today announced it will launch Pay By Touch in two of its stores in Cincinnati.

The new Pay By Touch biometric payment service, is free to shoppers and will allow them to pay for their groceries with a finger scan linked to their cheque or Discover Network Card accounts.

Eliminating the need to carry a wallet or cheque book in the store, the new system provides customers with greater convenience, security and speed at checkout.

Bigg's is the first retailer in Ohio to offer the innovative, new Pay By Touch service. Today's announcement marks the initial phase of a planned full deployment of the biometric payment technology at bigg's, beginning with the bigg's Hyde Park and Skytop stores.

Representatives from bigg's and Pay By Touch will unveil the new service to shoppers at bigg's Hyde Park on Friday, Nov. 4 where shoppers can enrol to use Pay By Touch in a process that takes only a few minutes.

"This cutting edge technology is yet another way we can provide our customers quick, convenient service," said Denise Fenik, director of advertising for bigg's. "bigg's strives to quickly implement any technology or service that enhances the shopping experience for our customers."

"Pay By Touch shoppers across the country and in the UK are already experiencing the ultimate freedom from cards, cheques or cash that can be lost or stolen," said John Rogers, founder, chairman, and CEO of Pay By Touch. "With the holiday season quickly approaching, we're excited to give Ohio shoppers the ultimate shopping convenience of making fast and secure purchases with the touch of a finger."

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