SunGard delivers Citigroup algorithmic trading strategies over Decalog

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced that customers of its Decalog order management system (OMS) can now access proprietary algorithmic trading strategies from Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking.

Traders are able to benefit from Citigroup's algorithmic strategies directly from the Decalog OMS blotter.

Decalog provides portfolio and trade order management functionalities, helps streamline investment workflow and helps traders achieve best execution on local and cross-border trading operations.

Citigroup's algorithmic trading suite has been developed in house over a number of years on Citigroup's internal order flow, focusing on providing transparent user-controlled algorithms tailored to each client's needs, rather than provide hidden black-box type solutions. Citigroup has designed, tested and optimized its trading engines to take account of idiosyncrasies at market and single-stock level, to offer its clients robust and efficient performance for both large and mid-capitalization orders.

Richard Evans, head of alternative execution in Europe for Citigroup, commented, "We are pleased to partner with SunGard to provide our offering via Decalog. Our models are fully transparent and we look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge and experience of implementing algorithms with Decalog customers."

Eyal Yaron, vice president of product management at SunGard's Decalog business unit, added, "This partnership will help our customers to access and use some of the most advanced trading tools available to achieve best execution. Citigroup's algorithmic trading strategies are embedded within the Decalog 5.0 Trading Blotter which combines order routing details with the specifics of the algorithm's unique parameters. Our customers are able to download new and custom algorithms directly to their trading blotter without the need for software upgrades thus enabling them to use new trading strategies as soon as they are published by Citigroup."

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