RSA Solutions to incorporate Chordiant technology

Source: Chordiant Software

Chordiant Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHRD) today announced that RSA Solutions, Inc. of Amherst, NY (RSA) has selected Chordiant's integrated Enterprise Marketing, and Decision Management business solutions as core components of a new technology platform supporting it's expanding relationship sales and marketing business model focused on the organic growth needs of the financial services industry.

RSA is a private label, customer intimate relationship sales and marketing organization with particular emphasis on retail banking, mortgage and home equity lending. With expertise in data mining, customer segmentation, econometric modeling, campaign design and execution, RSA's services are positioned around its client’s business objectives; to acquire, retain and grow customer relationships and to effectively maximize the lifetime value of those relationships.

With a value proposition rooted in its core of highly trained financial services consultants, RSA engages its clients' customers in needs-based conversations that establish the foundation for building long-term profitable relationships. RSA Specializes in building and expanding relationships by matching customer needs with client solutions. Utilizing Chordiant's Real-Time decisioning capabilities seamlessly integrated into the sales consultants' Chordiant desktop, those conversations will be highly relevant to the consumer and increase acceptance and satisfaction which will ultimately build a trusted relationship between the client and the consumer.

"In today's increasingly competitive marketplace, effectively marketing to existing and new customers are integral to a company's success. Using Chordiant Solutions, RSA will be able to provide enhanced capabilities to their Financial Services clients" said Robert Mullen, President Worldwide Field Operations, Chordiant Software. "RSA's selection of Chordiant further extends our leadership position within the Financial Services sector and will provide RSA with a competitive advantage built upon an integrated foundation of enterprise marketing, real-time decisioning and market leading contact center capabilities."

A powerful, integrated set of marketing applications, Chordiant Marketing and Decisioning automates and streamlines the full range of complex business processes required to plan, define, execute and analyze sophisticated multi-channel, multi-stage marketing campaigns. Together, Chordiant's solutions enable real-time delivery of marketing offers based on customer profile, pertinent and available offers, analytical information regarding the customer and offer suitability, as well as taking into account the context of the current interaction. This will significantly improve program results by driving down new business costs, increasing response rates and more effectively servicing customers thus improving their experience with the brand.

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