RBS outlines ring-fenced branding strategy

Source: RBS

RBS is today announcing how the legal entity structure of the RBS group is expected to change over the next two years to comply with the UK’s ring-fencing requirements prior to 1 January 2019.

Our new brand strategy is designed to align with our business strategy and future ring-fenced structure. We will focus on our strong individual customer brands by re-launching them to align more closely with the geographies they serve. Over the coming months, NatWest will become our main customer facing brand in England and Wales and Western Europe, and in Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland will be our core brand.

Alongside the investment and changes in our Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest brands, our CIB business will become known as NatWest Markets in readiness for our future ring-fenced structure. NatWest Markets will continue to offer financing, rates and currencies to our customers.

Ross McEwan, RBS Chief Executive said:

“Our proposed future structure under the ring-fencing legislation and our brand strategy are key elements of the bank we are becoming. The future ring-fenced structure of the bank is not only designed to be in compliance with the new regulatory requirements and objectives but will better reflect who we are as a bank and what we stand for: a bank that is focused on its customers.”

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Bob Lyddon
Bob Lyddon - Lyddon Consulting Services - Thames Ditton 01 October, 2016, 16:57Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Very surprising to see institutional amnesia as to how toxic a brand NatWest + Markets is (derivatives losses, Blue Arrow...). At least neither County nor Capital have been dusted off to join in, nor NWIB (NatWest Investment Bank, the re-naming of County NatWest Capital Markets).

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