Pluribus and Huq collaborate on retail performance data

Source: Pluribus

Pluribus Labs LLC (Berkeley, CA) and Huq Industries Limited (London, UK) are pleased to announce a partnership that brings real-time bricks-and-mortar retailer performance data to the institutional investor community for the first time.

Through this partnership, investors can now track the performance of real-world retailers and their bricks-and-mortar competitors systematically and in real-time, using a comprehensive and impartial intelligence resource to help evaluate their investment positions on an ongoing basis.

This powerful and until now elusive data source is brought by Huq Industries, operator of the world's largest real-world market intelligence panel which measures the bricks-and-mortar store-visits of over 7 million individuals in 140 countries daily.

The full catalogue is being made available to financial services professionals by Pluribus Labs, a market leader in developing new and alternative datasets used by investors to make better-informed and more nuanced investment decisions.

"Today’s partnership enables our clients to access data on the performance of bricks-and-mortar retailers at unrivalled reach and quality” said Frank Freitas, CEO of Pluribus Labs. "Huq Industries’ data is a resource that magnifies real-world consumer trends insight by 10x, while delivering further advantages in detail and fidelity".

“We’re excited to collaborate with Pluribus Labs on products that make full use of our retail market data." says Huq Industries’ CEO Conrad Poulson. "Pluribus Labs have deep expertise in delivering insight from extremely large and unstructured datasets into financial services. They are therefore the ideal partner to bring our real-world retail market intelligence to this vertical."

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