ABN Amro Tikkie app talks with Siri

Source: ABN Amro

With the launch of Apple’s iOS 10, a new and incredibly useful feature has been developed for the Tikkie app.

Soon Tikkie users will be able to use Apple’s voice command system Siri to create payment requests, simply by speaking the appropriate commands to Siri. Tikkie is the first Dutch payment app that uses Siri to respond to the user’s voice.

User reviews describe Tikkie as an incredibly easy and useful app. With Tikkie interfacing with Siri, it will be even easier for users to ask for payments. They give the instructions and Siri does all the work: ‘Siri, make a payment request in Tikkie.’ The user states the amount and description, and then simply chooses who will receive the request.

Tikkie illustrates how important innovation is to ABN AMRO. The app was developed by a small team within a matter of months. ABN AMRO’s decision to implement Siri in Tikkie comes in response to the growing preference among users to operate their telephones using voice commands. Chief Digital Officer Frank Verkerk explains, ‘Tikkie is already the easiest payment app in the Netherlands. By adding Siri, we hope to offer our users even more convenience.’

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