Post-Quantum bolsters sales and development teams with Walker and Salmon

Source: Post-Quantum

British cyber-security firm, Post-Quantum, has bolstered its sales and business development team as part of its push into financial markets, government and healthcare.

As part of the move, it has appointed Angie Walker as Global Head of Sales, Financial Services; and Ian Salmon as Global Head of Business Development, Financial Services. Post-Quantum specialises in developing defence-grade cyber-security solutions that protect the data and communications systems of global investment banks and other enterprises against sophisticated criminal and nation-state attacks.

Angie Walker previously held senior sales and new business development roles with Fidessa, as well as Datastream ICV and the hardware encryption and authentication firm, Racal Guardata. Walker’s extensive experience working with mission critical capital markets business lines will be central to driving Post-Quantum’s strategy in terms of both direct sales and strategic partnerships such as the recently announced IPC partnership, and right across the financial services industry.

Commenting on the appointment, Walker said: “With the growing number of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, security is at the top of every senior manager’s agenda, particularly as MiFID II approaches. The threats are now so elaborate and well-resourced that it’s fast becoming an arms race and so it’s crucial that the industry as whole responds accordingly. What makes Post-Quantum so compelling is its ability to address the increasingly advanced cyber challenges faced today, whilst future-proofing its clients for its migration to a post-quantum world. The company is already working on a number of strategic initiatives with the likes of NATO and various defence agencies to preserve the integrity of core services. The technologies that Post-Quantum can offer to financial services are fast becoming essential if they are to ensure themselves and their clients a safe and prosperous future.

“Post-Quantum’s founders have a deep understanding of defence-grade security, which has been worked into a modular toolkit of products. It’s that combination that makes this such an exciting proposition. The financial services industry needs a solution to the cyber threat that is both usable and highly secure, and it needs it today. Post-Quantum can deliver this and I look forward to being part of its journey.”

Ian Salmon held various senior trading positions before holding business development and MiFID programme manager roles with Fidessa and Reuters. He will support Post-Quantum as it builds on its growth in capital markets, following its recent partnership with IPC Systems and its development of a project for Barclays’ Global Information Security division.

Andersen Cheng, CEO, Post-Quantum, added: “The time is right for us to build up our sales and business development function, and Angie and Ian’s combined experience adds weight to our push into capital markets and beyond. We’re positive that banks and organisations will soon realise and react to the significant threat they face. Both Angie and Ian have firsthand experience in the space and understand the need for a modular product suite that can plug the current cyber-security vacuum. With this team heading business development and sales, I’m confident we will see continued success in this market.”

This news follows the recent appointment of Tom Glocer, former CEO of Thomson Reuters, as a strategy adviser on business growth in finance, government and healthcare.

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