Nets taps Spire Payments for Dankort mobile roll out

Source: Spire Payments

Danes will soon be able to take advantage of a new innovative in-store mobile payment solution to be rolled out across Denmark.

Utilising a smart phone based mobile wallet, Dankort cardholders will benefit from an enhanced and seamless purchasing experience.

The solution uses a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) acceptance device developed by Spire Payments (a market leading FinTech payment solution provider) that will be deployed as an upgrade to tens of thousands of Nets point of sale terminals across Denmark starting in 2016.

A customer wishing to purchase goods will momentarily tap their mobile phone on the BLE acceptance device connected to the POS. The sale then completes without further customer interaction unless a transaction threshold is exceeded whereupon a PIN is requested.

Unlike NFC, the mobile phone can connect with the POS before the purchase amount is known (during which time BLE pairing is established), meaning the customer is free to continue packing or speaking to the merchant while the transaction is being processed. In addition, the same two way BLE link can be used to send offers, loyalty points, or coupons to the customer’s phone in the interim to encourage repeat visits.

Nets is a Nordic based leading FinTech company and specialises in digital payments across multiple platforms and serves market sectors including banking, business, public sector and consumer. Having been trading for over four decades Nets has been instrumental in developing a modern payment infrastructure, with the introduction of a number of successful payment products to the Nordic region, including Dankort, Betalingsservice, NemID, BankID, Avtalegiro and BankAxept.

”Several Danish banks will roll-out their wallet solutions starting this autumn as the domestic debit card (Dankort) is mobile enabled. We see this as an exciting opportunity for consumers and merchants alike to benefit from this innovative payment technology. Acceptance is the key to success, and in collaboration with Spire Payments this project will facilitate rapid nationwide coverage.” ,says Asger Hattel, Group EVP and head of Merchant Services in Nets

Kazem Aminaee, CEO and President of Spire Payments adds, “Our collaboration with Nets to develop and deploy this innovative solution has resulted in consumers and merchants benefiting from a great in store payments experience. Spire Payments research and development capabilities have seen this ground breaking solution come to market in extremely tight time frame. We look forward to work with Nets, who we see as one of Spire Payments strategic and most forward thinking payment companies in Europe.”

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