Murphy Bank rolls out Banc Intranets DirectorsLink

Source: Banc Intranets

Banc Intranets, a provider of secure, web-based enterprise content management solutions for financial institutions, announced that Murphy Bank implemented its DirectorsLink® board portal to reduce operational costs, streamline communication and increase engagement among its board members.

As a specialized lender based in Fresno, California, Murphy Bank needed a flexible solution for that would enable its board members to quickly and easily communicate with each other over long distances. The bank initially selected another system, but found that it lacked a user-friendly interface and essential functionality, and was also incapable of archiving critical information. After considering multiple providers to replace its existing system, Murphy Bank chose Banc Intranet’s DirectorsLink for its ease of use and flexibility, specifically for board voting and their loan review processes. “The implementation was the smoothest I have ever seen,” said Michael Murphy, CTO, Murphy Bank.

In addition, the bank leverages DirectorsLink’s integrated mobile app, which allows board members to access materials remotely through iPad tablets, eliminating the time and resources used to produce board packets. Murphy Bank is also using DirectorsLink to manage multiple committees, enhancing its governance and oversight capabilities.

Murphy continued, “Our previous board portal was extremely limited in its capabilities and cost nearly twice as much as DirectorsLink. And the unique nature of our business necessitates maximum flexibility, accessibility and engagement. Banc Intranets not only satisfies that need, it has streamlined many ancillary operations that we didn’t anticipate prior to the integration.”

“In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, it is imperative that bank leaders stay up to date in how they collaborate and report to each other,” said Mark Anderson, founder and CEO of Banc Intranets. “A portal that is too difficult to operate will lead to decreased productivity, longer wait times and increased levels of stress for the board as a whole. By choosing DirectorsLink, Murphy Bank is demonstrating its unparalleled commitment to providing their team with the tools they need for success, which allows them to focus on providing customers with exceptional financial service.” 

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