Iris Financial launches Trade Manager multi-asset, middle office software

Source: Iris Financial

Iris Financial, provider of advanced trading and risk management solutions to the world's leading investment firms, today announced the launch of Iris Trade Manager, a multi-asset, middle-office trade management and processing solution.

"Iris Trade Manager takes middle-office trade processing to a far more sophisticated level than previously available. We give customers everything they'd expect in an off-the-shelf application and combine it with the power to customize the application so that it is unique to each customer institution," said Michele McGovern, CEO, Iris Financial. "Perhaps just as compelling, is that we can do this faster than anyone else – hands down. We bring our customers live on the complete solution within a matter of a few months."

"With Iris Trade Manager, we solve the buy vs. build conundrum and give customers the best of both worlds," said Rolf Theisen, vice president of solutions, Iris Financial. "Our customers get all the functionality they need, delivered with previously unavailable levels of configurability and personalization. The net result – a solution that lets our customers do what they do best – make money – and do it exactly the way they want to do it."

Iris Trade Manager enables bulge-bracket firms to significantly increase the profitability of trading operations by providing a single-solution approach for multi-asset trade management and processing, including automated block, DMA and basket trade capture and processing, allocation management, confirmation and audit trail generation.

Iris Trade Manager benefits and capabilities include:

  • Automation of block, DMA and basket trade processing, with elimination of error due to manual intervention
  • Connectivity with all external trade allocation and confirmation channels (FIX, Fax, Telex, et cetera)
  • Allocation capture and allocation management, supporting the entire client allocation lifecycle
  • Booking support to provide all data necessary for booking trades, including generation of multiple legs where necessary
  • Figuration via a highly configurable rules engine to determine appropriate money amounts for all tickets
  • Dollar and non-dollar trade flows
  • Average pricing across multiple desks and multiple orders
  • Trade lifecycle services to manage across validation, capture, maintenance and archiving
  • Trade confirmation generation and processing
  • Automated cancel / correct functionality at individual trade or basket level
  • Audit functionality to capture all changes for complete audit trails

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