Jordan Commercial Bank to deploy PaymentCentric electronic bill payment system

Source: Jordan Commercial Bank

Jordan Commercial Bank (JCBank) recently signed an agreement with PaymentCentric Co. to deploy the innovative "eJABY" service that will allow users to make monthly bill payments electronically at any JCBank branch or through its various electronic channels.

PaymentCentric is the first of its kind in Jordan and has successfully introduced its "eJABY" bill payment service which is an integrated electronic bill payment service that allows the public to pay most of their recurring bills in real time at over 550 certified eJaby payment depots spread throughout the kingdom.

All JCBank customers can now pay their bills at any eJABY payment depot. The customer receives a unique reference number printed on the receipt provided from the bill issuer as a confirmation of each bill paid. By using the eJABY system to pay bills, JCBank customers can now settle their accounts with greater efficiency and reliability at a reduced cost.

Dr. Mohamed S. Asadi, Assistant General Manager, Retail Banking & Technology at Jordan Commercial Bank stated, "The agreement between JCBank and PaymentCentric is a significant breakthrough in supporting JCBank's goal of offering its customers an increasing range of the highest quality services. eJABY is a distinctive service that enables JCBank's customers to pay their monthly bills efficiently and cost-effectively."

Dr. Asadi added, "The agreement between JCBank and PaymentCentric represents a result of a close working relationship between our two organizations that aimed at providing this innovative payment service to our customers."

Mr. Samir Mubarak, General Manager of PaymentCentric, added that, "The agreement with JCBank contributes to the company's earlier achievements and enhances its support for the banking sector in Jordan. We are very proud of this collaboration with JCBank. Today PaymentCentric offers its eJABY bill payment service through an extensive network of more than 550 payment depots available throughout the Kingdom via nine local banks and several money exchangers."

JCBank operates through an integrated network of branches, ATMs, and a number of banking solutions. eJABY is a robust service which has enabled JCbank to significantly reduce processing cost of bill payments, and converts this process from one that is slow and non-profitable to one that is speedy and profitable. In addition, PaymentCentric's eJABY service has helped enhance JCbank's competitive edge through the offering of electronic and state-of-the-art added value services to its customers and end-users.

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