RNC Genter hooks up to Fiserv's Asset Manager Connect

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ:FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced that RNC Genter Capital Management ("RNC Genter") has selected Asset Manager Connect from Fiserv to increase access to managed account sponsors and grow their client base.

With Asset Manager Connect, asset managers at RNC Genter can securely manage portfolios without the need for numerous tokens and sign-ins to multiple platforms, granting them access to holdings, transactions and executions for trading and reconciliation across multiple sponsor platforms through a single web-based application on their desktop. Asset managers can also easily communicate with managed-account sponsors across the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv.

The Wealth Management Network provides asset managers with access to a robust network of 70 sponsor firms, including eight of the top 10 broker-dealers in the U.S. In addition, this Fiserv network supports approximately 300 asset managers, providing sponsors with easy access to hundreds of model portfolio strategies and ultimately offering more choice for the end investor.

“Historically, data aggregation and switching between sponsors in a multi-token environment created challenges for us,” said John Barry, Vice President, Operations, RNC Genter. “Asset Manager Connect changes everything. One easy to use tool aggregates rich data across the extensive sponsor network from Fiserv, providing simultaneous sponsor views, unified downloads, and a single file for cross-platform trading. Asset Manager Connect enables managers to work and scale with much greater efficiency. We’re pleased to be an early adopter of this exciting Fiserv technology.”

Asset Manager Connect enables asset managers to increase efficiency and perform job tasks faster and more accurately, leaving more time to focus on strategic investment management. Trades for multiple sponsor programs can be imported, routed and monitored intra-day, more easily than with previous technology. Managers in model delivery programs can communicate model changes to multiple destinations with a single click, as well as access program data reports, saving time. Simplified access minimizes the occurrence of trading errors from manual data entry of orders and models on multiple systems. By accessing more sponsors, asset managers can expand their business and increase volumes and revenues faster.

“The scalability, ease of use, and simplicity of the Fiserv solution is extremely impressive,” said Daniel J. Genter, President and CEO, RNC Genter Capital Management. “We are able to take on SMA sponsor relationships, regardless of size, secure in the knowledge that Fiserv technology will effectively manage that growth. The flexibility of the Asset Manager Connect infrastructure allows us to add additional business and increase volume while maintaining the excellent service levels our sponsors and clients have come to expect.”

“Accessing multiple sponsor platforms can be cumbersome and time consuming as asset managers try to increase distribution in managed account and model-delivery programs,” said Cheryl Nash, president, Investment Services, Fiserv. “Fiserv technology lets asset managers connect to multiple sponsors though a single access point to increase speed, efficiency and scale across the managed accounts industry. This simplified connectivity can enable firms to keep pace with changing customer demands, helping to best serve and grow their client base and increase volume and scale.”

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