JetPay partners with Womply to offer merchants transactional insights

Source: JetPay

JetPay Corporation ("JetPay" or the "Company") (JTPY), a leading provider of debit and credit card processing services, payroll and human capital management, and prepaid card services, announced today, a partnership with Womply to offer merchants JetPay Insights, a platform that provides merchants a 360-degree view of their business performance through advanced analytics, online reputation management, and more.

Insights is an innovative new platform that helps businesses track their revenue, protect their online reputation, provide in-depth analysis of their customers, learn from market and competitor trends, and simplify the process of running their businesses. By providing merchants powerful data analysis in an easy-to-understand format, they can make smarter, more informed decisions that affect their businesses.

"JetPay is committed to offering new, innovative solutions to our customers to help them grow and manage their businesses," says Diane Faro, CEO of JetPay. "Our partnership with Womply allows our merchants the opportunity to gain insight into their customers, gather market intelligence, and become more competitive. JetPay is focused on adding value to every business we serve, and offering Insights demonstrates this commitment to our merchants."

Many small and medium-size merchants are at a disadvantage when it comes to managing their businesses as they do not have access to the powerful tools like those used by larger businesses. JetPay Insights now empowers these merchants by giving them access to the same enterprise-level data as larger enterprises.

"We believe in providing merchants with tools that enable them to grow, protect, and simplify their businesses," said Cory Capoccia, President at Womply. "Through our partnership with JetPay, we can offer the powerful Insights platform to their merchants. With access to critical business information such as new versus repeat customer profiles, local market activity, and competitive intelligence, mainstreet merchants benefit from the same capabilities as their top tier counterparts enabling them to make more informed decisions more quickly."

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