USAA Bank upgrades online and mobile experience

Source: USAA Bank

Getting declined at checkout is the fastest way to lose the excitement of buying a new flat screen in time for football season.

USAA Bank is making it easier for members to make big purchases, like buying that new 84-inch flat screen TV. Members can also now "chat" on to do their banking.

The new functions include the following features:

  • Notification of large purchases -- Members can now use the mobile app to notify USAA in advance of making large purchases. This feature ensures that transactions are not flagged as fraud and that funds are available for purchases up to a member's available credit limit. The new function saves members a phone call when they buy big ticket items like jewelry, holiday gifts, or home improvements.
  • Virtual assistant now available on -- USAA's virtual assistant has been available on the USAA mobile app since 2013 and can now be used on The virtual assistant can respond to 120 questions and commands regarding credit and debit cards, providing common transactions such as activating cards, changing a PIN, adding travel notifications, and reporting lost or stolen cards. The virtual assistant currently responds to 1.4 million requests per month and eliminates the need to sift through menus.

These new digital functions were developed based on member feedback and data about the transactions our members use most.

"We're focused on delivering convenience and speed for our members' everyday banking needs," said Prianka Advani, assistant vice president of USAA Bank. "Our first step is to listen to our members and innovate to match our tools with their behaviors."

USAA was recently named the "Best Overall Javelin Mobile Banking Leader" by Javelin Strategy & Research for pioneering artificial intelligence virtual assistants, offering best-in-class biometric login options, and giving members full mobile control of their payment cards.

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