Fintech games app maker Nous Global Markets launches TIQL

Source: Nous Global

Fintech firm and Innovate Finance member NousGlobal Markets (Nous) today announced the release of TIQL, a completely new category of financial-market trading app available on PC, Android and iOS.

TIQL (pronounced “tickle”) is designed to be the world’s safest way to trade, thanks to a unique set of consumer-friendly features. To promote the app, the firm is offering a “Uniquely Good Deal” guarantee to highlight TIQL®’s benefits and unique new approach to trading.

Nous® built the app following the success of an earlier free-to-play virtual trading app it released in 2014. After amassing 400,000 players from over 200 countries, Nous® discovered that many of them were unable to exercise their new-found skills and passion on the real markets. Existing brokers and other service providers also did not cater to the needs of people in developing countries.

TIQL® was awarded an OGRA licence in April to operate its unique new platform by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and has since been testing its services, culminating in today’s official launch.


Among the consumer-friendly features of TIQL® are:


  • Open an account with as little as $5
  • Invest from as little as $0.01 (1 cent) on each trade
  • Free downside protection: impossible to lose more than was invested in a trade
  • Receive up to 20x returns for correct predictions

There are several additional benefits that further differentiate the platform, such as no fees when starting a trade, no bid-offer spreads to reduce returns, and a unique visual interface. 


Since obtaining its licence, TIQL® has already seen early customers from around the world wager nearly US $300,000 during invitation-only testing. Users from The EU and the US are currently excluded from engaing with the app, pending additional licences that Nous hopes to obtain over the next year. Customers are able to deposit using PayPal, Skrill or Neteller, with more options planned.

Nous is planning further expansion and plans to raise funds soon to accelerate TIQL’s impressive growth.

Founder and CEO, Justin Short, says
“After 14 years designing automated trading strategies for the world’s biggest investment banks, I saw an opportunity to reach an audience that had been ignored by the markets. Nous’ goal with the release of TIQL® is to provide a trusted, fair way for people to discover and capitalize on their talents – and have fun doing it!”

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