Dade County Federal Credit Union selects Symitar

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates' Symitar division announced today that Dade County Federal Credit Union has selected the Symitar Episys core system for in-house processing..

Miami-based Dade County Federal Credit Union is replacing a core platform that it has patched and built on to for more than 20 years. The credit union recognized that its current system was no longer running effectively, and sought to partner with a core provider that would deliver an experience compatible with member expectations – particularly for its growing base of millennials. According to Millennial Banking Insights and Opportunities, the second report in a series of surveys conducted by FICO, 80 percent of millennials handle banking digitally.

Annie Wilkinson, executive vice president at Dade County Federal Credit Union, stated, “While every generation of members is looking for the benefit of modern banking technology, we must especially embrace how the maturing millennial population wants to do business with us. Symitar’s Episys will bring us enterprise system automation, vast flexibility to optimize our core’s performance, and new functionality to better tailor competitive products and services. Its technology roadmap is strong, and set to evolve in a way that can help us foster relationships with members of any generation.”

The team at Dade County Federal Credit Union looked to the Episys system for modern, nimble technology that could enable the credit union to compete and scale as needed. The platform’s ease of use received high marks when compared to other cores being considered. And, Dade County Federal Credit Union was excited by the almost limitless possibilities afforded through PowerOn®, a popular utility that allows Symitar credit unions the freedom to adapt the core platform through additional layers of customization.

Ted Bilke, president of Symitar, added, “Dade County Federal Credit Union found itself in the position of having a core that did not completely align with the credit union’s strategic direction. The Episys system is designed to facilitate growth by meeting the challenges of today’s banking environment head-on. We are excited to see the positive change driven at Dade County Federal Credit Union, and across our more than 680 other Episys credit unions.”

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