P2P payments app Cookies on the launch pad

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We started the internal test phase a few months ago. We’d set ourselves the goal of radically simplifying payments—a huge undertaking that had somehow to be accommodated by a tiny app.

 But we didn’t just want to simplify payments. We wanted to completely get rid of the need for IBANs and TANs and allow everyone to view their bank balance in one click. We wanted payments to be made in the shortest possible time and to make group payments and requests possible. Everyone should be able to have both a clear overview of their payments and an app that they can simply enjoy.

The pre-launch period dragged on and speculation mounted. Then it came out that, in the DKB, we had found a partner for the background payment transactions and that we were in the middle of the closed beta phase. And now—finally, proudly and with a lot of love—we can say: Cookies App is here!

For that, everyone who has stood by us through thick and thin deserves a great, big thank-you. An app in its beta phase is like a beautiful old building before renovation: it needs a lot of work, but the results more than justify it. And, dammit, you just want to get to the housewarming party!

But enough metaphors and feelings—it’s time to get going. Cookies App is in invite-only mode just now and we want to explain briefly what that means for you.

What does invite-only mean?
Everyone who has registered on our website in the past few weeks and months gets a personal invite code, allowing them to use Cookies App as of now. Anyone who’s not yet registered can make up for that now.

How do I get an invite code?
If you have already registered at our website, you’ll find an invite code in your email inbox—or one will arrive there in the next few days. You’ve still not registered? Then you can do so at our website and claim your invite code. The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll receive your invite code. Once you’ve got the app, you can invite up to three friends to use the app by making a simple payment.

Why is there an invite-only phase?
As ever, we’re working extremely hard to give you the best possible payment experience. Before we make Cookies App completely open and thus available to everyone, we want to work with you to make the best app possible. We want the Cookies App to grow naturally.

Can anyone use Cookies App?
Cookies App is available for iOS and Android and works with all German banks. That means you don’t have to open an additional bank account. As soon as Cookies App is completely open, anyone can use it. Until then, it can only be used by someone with an invite code—or by someone who has been invited by a friend that is already using Cookies App.

Is it possible to get an invite code more quickly?
Yes. You can follow us on Facebook, where we will be raffling some codes in the next days. We’ve also come to realize how much messages from you mean to us—drop us some lines or a picture at hi@cookies-app.com explaining us why you want to use Cookies straightaway and we’ll send you an invite code.

Is the invite-only phase secure?
Yes. Our security and data-protection systems have already been implemented and are checked and TÜV-certified. Sensitive user data is kept on your smartphone in encrypted form and will never be stored on servers. Payments conform to German banking standards and are protected by the Deposit Protection Fund.

What do I do if I find a bug in the app?
Feedback is sacred to us and we work hard to incorporate your suggestions and react to your criticisms. So just send an email to our support team!

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