ATM Security Association releases white paper on cash cassette security

Source: ATM Security Association

The ATM Security Association releases the second result by one of its expert working groups.

The white paper on cash cassette security is now available for download from the association’s website. The document outlines the multifaceted environment of cash cassette security and lists key considerations for a viable risk assessment. The objective is to analyze the various forms of unauthorized cash access ranging from accidental exposures to criminal attacks. Furthermore, the purpose is to review security-related aspects surrounding the cash holdings in ATMs — including the physical construct of the cassette, processes of cash replenishment and transport as well as tracking and neutralization of cash. The paper thus constitutes an important first step toward an independent, informed, and up-to-date evaluation of ATM cassette security. Key findings include the need to establish proactive partnerships and close cooperation between original equipment manufacturers and specialist security technologists. In view of the huge diversity in cash cassette structures and service environments, combined with a multitude of different threats from several dynamic sources, this cooperative work is essential to create effective protections against unauthorized cash access.

The white paper results from the cooperation within the ATM Security Association’s cassette security working group. Participants include ATM manufacturers, financial institutions, cash cassette manufacturers and providers of intelligent banknote neutralization systems (IBNS). “The large variety of cash cassette installations and support services creates a complex, highly diverse environment with unique types of risk exposures for unauthorized cash access. Throughout their operational life cycle, cash cassettes can be attacked in multiple ways be it through gross external attack, internal pilferage or accidental exposure,” summarizes Nick Aveyard, host of the cassette security working group and Business Development Executive with Spinnaker, a leading supplier of intelligent cash protection systems. “An evaluation of potential risks hence required us to look on the holistic use of cash cassettes and the specifics of their operational exposure in any given business model.”

With the next release by one of its expert working groups, the ATM Security Association intends to foster awareness of threats and defenses in order to achieve greater consistency and effectiveness at a global level in the concerted fight against the continuously evolving nature of organized crime.

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