One Horizon launches Android mobile wallet for cashless payments

Source: One Horizon Group

One Horizon Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OHGI), a leading carrier-grade VoIP solution for mobile providers and smartphones, today announced that it has released a new service for mobile operators to allow users to purchase call credit using their debit or credit card.

Our smartphone top up service is being offered first through Smart Communications, the Philippines leading wireless service provider for its Smart Roamer1 and Marino All Abroad2 mobile app brands.

Traditionally, mobile operators require users to top up prepaid accounts by purchasing top up vouchers such as scratch cards at retail outlets. Such physical top up methods are expensive to operate and incur high security and distribution costs. When using iTunes, users on iPhones can only top up using Apple payments that levy a 30% charge per top up. Similarly, using Google the same 30% charge applies to the operator. But Apple and Google payments solutions only go so far; operators are still required to manage the transaction flow, issue refunds, deal with customer questions and complaints. This is where One Horizon's new cashless payment service comes to the fore.

One Horizon is now offering an end-to-end service for our mobile operators to take credit and debit card payments from their subscribers on any Android device. One Horizon manages the banking relationship, the customers interface management and remits 70% of the payment directly to the operator.

The One Horizon service solves customers' security concerns about their credit card details being compromised as our solution guarantees that their credit card data is never stored on our app or on our servers and is only transported using the highest Internet security standards available. Total security. Total confidence. Total transparency.

According to Waiwai Marketing, in October 2015 there were 29 million Android phones in the Philippines3 and, as of today, all of these smartphones can now avail of the One Horizon cashless payment solution to top up their apps while they are roaming.

Brian Collins, CEO of One Horizon Group, stated, "Continuing to drive innovation inside our R&D teams means that we expand our commercial offerings to operators around the world, thereby increasing our attractiveness as a cashless payment provider. Simplifying payments for both the customer and the operator allows the operator concentrate on the promotion of the app and the customer is secure in the knowledge that they can securely pay anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

Brian Collins continued, "Our revenue model is simple; we charge for 30% of the purchase and making the purchase as simple to follow as possible is the key. Users love it, operators love it and the One Horizon bottom-line loves it too."


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