Dun & Bradstreet launches cloud-based D&B Credit

Source: Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet has today launched D&B Credit™, the next generation risk management platform for trade credit in the UK and Ireland.

 The cloud-based platform gives finance teams dynamic, intuitive access to the world’s largest commercial database, with over 250 million business records updated 5 million times a day. D&B Credit also provides in-product access to non-traditional data sources, such as social media and Google Maps. The platform delivers a global, unified view of customer relationships supported by analytics and insights, enabling CFOs and their teams to easily manage risk and identify new opportunities for growth.

The offering has been designed to match the needs of a new generation of financial decision maker: one which is no longer purely a risk manager but also focused on driving growth. This means they are under increasing pressure to mine big data to understand and mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency and identify opportunity.

“The sheer amount of data available to financial decision makers has grown exponentially as the digital age has taken hold,” said Andy Craven - European Product Leader, Trade Credit Risk. “Across the world, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day – 90% of this data has been created since 2013 – but data is pointless without the tools to turn it into intelligence. D&B Credit enables finance teams to turn information into the insights that will drive business growth - quickly and effectively.”

D&B Credit enables users to:

  • Make more intelligent credit decisions faster, through an intuitive interface, presenting critical information in streamlined reports with just a click
  • Monitor risk and identify opportunity across their customer portfolio through intelligent dashboards and customisable alert profiles
  • Access selective non-traditional data sources such as Google Maps and social media to supplement and validate risk assessments in real-time
  • Customise reports to share key information for business decision makers outside of the finance department

“Financial decision makers have many roles in the business – as well as identifying opportunities, they must look to boost efficiency. This means time is of the essence,” said Tim Vine - Leader, Risk Products. “With D&B Credit, finance teams can quickly and easily make trade credit decisions and monitor opportunities across their whole client portfolio. Thanks to the customisable reports, business insights can be shared across the company at speed. This is the next generation of risk management, for the next generation of financial decision makers.”

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