Cozad Asset Management joins the Marketo marketing nation

Source: Marketo

Marketo, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTO), the leading provider of engagement marketing software and solutions, today announced that Cozad Asset Management, Inc., has selected Marketo to expand its reach among prospective clients.

Cozad sought a way to market its Small Cap Value investment product to advisors across the United States. By choosing Marketo, the firm’s lean and efficient team will utilize email campaigns to reach thousands of potential customers, uncovering meaningful pockets of investor interest that would otherwise go unidentified. In this manner, Cozad will maximize the geographies its able to cover while increasing the efficacy of marketing activities such as webinars.

“For Cozad’s Small Cap Value team, marketing, sales, and distribution are efforts coordinated among just a few people,” said Courtney Simmons, Director of Institutional Sales at Cozad. “As part of our strategy, we look for ways to effectively reach and interact with large numbers of potential investors and are using Marketo to help us in this vein. In our email campaigns, we are seeking not just to identify interested investors, but to grow market awareness in regions and markets that may have otherwise been overlooked.”

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