Precise Biometrics posts interim Q3 results

Source: Precise Biometrics

The Group's sales for the interim period totaled SEK 36.2 million (22.6) and for the third quarter SEK 7.7 million (8.1).

The bottom line for the interim period was SEK -22.5 million (-25.4) and for the third quarter SEK -10.6 million (-9.5).

Losses per share for the interim period were SEK -0.36 (-0.48) and for the third quarter -0.16 (-0.16).

Liquid capital at the close of the interim period was SEK 70.9 million (52.0).

Precise Biometrics has incorporated a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. The object is to enhance the company's position in the biometrics market and to seek to be actively involved in the national ID card projects currently being planned throughout Europe.

The company made a directed share issue to the principal shareholder in Loqware Sweden AB, by which the company acquired 94 percent of the shares in Loqware at a value corresponding to about SEK 8 million.

Within the framework of an incentive program resolved at the annual general meeting, AGM, the management team for Precise Biometrics acquired a total of 1,400,000 subscription options.

The company also carried out a new directed share issue at international investors, bringing the company SEK 63 million before issue costs.

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