Moneyhub joins forces with Unbiased

Source: Unbiased

Unbiased, the site that connects millions to advice, has joined forces with Moneyhub to create a new user experience for people managing their finances.

Moneyhub, which enables its users to view their full financial universe, will now include the Unbiased Find An Adviser search tool as part of their service.

This combination of two very different yet complimentary services aims to give both consumers and advisers an unprecedented degree of financial control. It will also make it quicker and easier for users to share key financial information with their advisers, potentially enhancing the advice process and rendering the advice more cost-efficient.

Unbiased in turn will be promoting the Moneyhub portal as an effective way for people to keep on top of their finances, and will be promoting exclusive offers to trial the service. Meanwhile advisers listed with Unbiased will gain increased visibility among a financially active client base. Last but not least, use of Moneyhub will result in a smoother fact-finding and data gathering process, which should deliver time and cost savings to be passed on to the consumer. The partnership is expected to launch in July.

Karen Barrett, chief executive of Unbiased, comments, ‘Our decision to collaborate with Moneyhub was a very natural step. Independent financial advice and its offshoot, financial planning, are largely about managing all of one’s finances as a coherent whole. Moneyhub, with its unique user experience, provides exactly this holistic view. Unbiased can then provide the final piece of the puzzle, in the form of independent and qualified financial experts who can help you use this information to the fullest. We anticipate that by joining forces, we can make the advice journey seamless and even more focused on the individual’s needs.

‘Existing users of Moneyhub will have the UK’s largest selection of regulated advisers literally at their fingertips, and ready access to all the information that will enable the perfect adviser match. Most importantly, it’s about giving people unprecedented control over their money.

‘We see technology and financial advice becoming ever more closely intertwined. Rather than replacing face-to-face advice, technology will help to make it more cost-effective and customer-focused. This partnership represents a new chapter in the way people relate to their finances, by placing Unbiased advisers at the heart of these innovations.’

Samantha Seaton, Commercial Director, Moneyhub, comments, ‘We’re thrilled to be working with Unbiased to make financial advice accessible, helping to close the advice gap. Our business uses technology as a catalyst for change, always focused on helping to solve genuine pain points. We believe that this partnership will provide a comprehensive financial experience that’s both invaluable and unique. For the first time, consumers will have not only a panoramic view of their financial universe, but also immediate access to a financial adviser.’

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