Integrated Fund Services implements SunGard InvestOne Enterprise platform

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced that Integrated Fund Services, Inc. (Integrated) has successfully implemented the next generation platform of InvestOne Enterprise, one of the industry's leading investment accounting solutions.

The new platform helps improve user efficiency and provides the architectural foundation that customers such as Integrated need to accelerate time to market for new products and services.

A customer of InvestOne since 1993, Integrated has implemented InvestOne Enterprise 5.0, the first release to include components of the new product architecture. Integrated chose early adoption of the platform because of its inherent ease-of-use and more efficient access to portfolio data. In Integrated's deployment, the application resides at SunGard's ASP datacenter and runs on Linux, making the Cincinnati-based mutual fund service company the first InvestOne customer to use this operating system to run the product in live production.

"By implementing InvestOne Enterprise, we feel that we have invested in technology that will help enhance our service capabilities through operating, training and information delivery gains," said Steve McCabe, vice president of fund accounting and financial reporting for Integrated. "The new release of InvestOne Enterprise has provided us with a breakthrough in functionality which will help us to competitively differentiate our service to customers."

"To a generation of recently graduated users who've grown up using the Internet, portfolio accounting systems utilizing modern Web-based interfaces offer accessible, efficient, user-friendly technology that helps result in a shortened learning curve and reduced training costs for the institution," said Matt Nelson, Investment Management Analyst for TowerGroup.

"We share TowerGroup's view and that is why we have focused on the evolution of InvestOne Enterprise," said Doug Morgan, president of investment systems, SunGard. "The release of InvestOne Enterprise 5.0 and its successful implementation at Integrated represent milestones in the advancement of the product. The new product architecture positions Integrated to benefit from functional and operating improvements. Our customers can now more readily adapt the product to their specific operating requirements and gain access to new data access and dissemination capabilities."

As part of a major development initiative, SunGard is transforming the core business rules engine of the InvestOne Enterprise product into a configurable solution based on an extensible and scalable service-oriented architecture. As the first release of this multi-year project, InvestOne Enterprise 5.0 includes:

  • An intuitive user interface comprised of specialized screens that can be customized to help improve workflow efficiency and lower staff training costs.
  • A flexible desktop environment enabling role-based configuration of functionality and reporting.
  • A new Web-based portal designed to give the fund accountant access to tools required to support the fund accounting process – whether that functionality is housed in InvestOne or in other applications.
  • Support for Web-based functions like search, help, and favorites that help simplify navigation for users.
  • A meta data-driven architecture that helps users to customize the application around their particular needs.
  • Support for Linux to help customers leverage the cost benefits of that operating system.

Upcoming releases will enhance information access and reporting and include a workflow engine with dashboard instrumentation capabilities providing a full view of daily processing activities.

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