RSA helps Berkshire Bank upgrade security

Source: RSA

RSA, The Security Division of EMC (EMC), today announced that Berkshire Bank has upgraded its security infrastructure using an array of RSA solutions.

 Executing on a multi-year, multi-stage security modernization plan, the bank integrated the RSA Archer platform and RSA Security Analytics solution into its enterprise security operations. Utilized together, the new tools help to achieve compliance with banking regulations, create a centralized platform to maximize efficiencies as the bank continues to grow, and are designed to strengthen visibility to detect and respond to today's evolving threats.

Founded in 1846, Berkshire Bank and its affiliates provide a broad array of financial services including commercial and retail banking, insurance, and wealth management. Being in a highly regulated industry, Berkshire Bank must ensure the protection of customer data. In the past, handling security processes – from monitoring user access to detecting threat activity – had been a manual process and the tools used were built in silos. As the bank grew substantially over the years, it required a centralized security infrastructure for better visibility, detection of advanced threats, and risk and policy management.

RSA, due to its a strong relationship with Berkshire Bank and its ability to bring several platforms together, suggested the RSA Archer platform as a natural fit when the bank was looking for a new GRC solution. After the implementation of the RSA Archer platform, the bank was able to tie together governance, risk, and compliance functions such as vendor due diligence, risks and controls, policies, business continuity, audit management, and reporting. The use of RSA Archer technology has improved the bank's efficiency by eliminating duplication and the loss of work done in silos, and by automating key business functions. The implementation of the RSA Archer platform has also greatly reduced the time required by auditors to complete bank exams.

Berkshire Bank initially implemented the RSA Security Analytics solution as a means to improve data loss prevention and has now expanded the use of the solution as its centralized Security Operations Center (SOC). Prior to having a SOC in place, it was difficult for Berkshire Bank to detect anomalies on its network. Now the bank has multiple tools sending data to RSA Security Analytics software in order to build rules and alerts that go into security operations. This enables the bank to hunt for abnormalities in behavior and is designed to help identify risks around the transmission of sensitive information within a matter of minutes.

As identity continues to be a larger threat vector, Berkshire Bank is also evaluating new tools such as the RSA Via Access solution. The RSA Via suite of products offer secure, efficient, and simple identity solutions for all users, from any place and device, to any resource.

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