Freewallet's Ethereum Wallet on Google Play is now available for iOS users

Source: Freewallet

Today Apple has approved Freewallet as an AppStore participant.

The Ethereum wallet on Google Play developed by Freewallet is now available for iOS users together with a few more wallets from the Freewallet Family: Bitcoin Wallet, and Monero Wallet. This breaks the boundaries between cryptocurrencies and the majority of users, as iOS is an extremely popular platform among millennials.

The approval shows that the Cupertino-based giant, that previously banned cryptocurrency wallets, has finally changed its mind and now admits the prospects of the blockchain technology.

“We are sharing Apple’s vision on product development. Keep-it-simple philosophy is what our users love about our products. Starting on iOS is a challenge for us, as iPhone users are much more sensitive to product design and user experience”, says Alvin Hagg, Freewallet founder.

Freewallet has started less than 6 months ago and has grown to 15 000 users. The userbase of mobile-first cryptocurrency wallets has been organically growing, without any marketing expenses and PR activities.

“Freewallet is more focused on product development and customer service, than on promotion. We prefer providing timely support to our customers, rather than doing massive PR. We believe brand, loyalty and trust are built on customer experience, not on marketing budgets”.

According to Freewallet’s statistics, about 25% of the apps’ users are new to cryptocurrencies. First, they stumble across terms like “Ethereum”, “Blockchain” or “Cryptocurrencies” in mass media. Second, they dive into cryptocurrencies and start looking for a proper wallet. For example, according to Google keyword search, “Ethereum wallet” was queried more than 27 000 times in May.

“Freewallet is a mobile-first product. We promise our users access to their funds in any case and on any mobile device. To keep this promise, we need to support all popular platforms. That’s why we’ve developed our app on PhoneGap. It makes it easy to create apps for both iOS and Android, using the same code. If a user decides to move from Android to iOS, they will be able to access their funds from the new wallet, without a need for additional data, like backup files or private keys.”

A serious challenge, that Freewallet had to face with,, was legalization. While Google Play is mostly open to any developers, performing on the Apple’s stage is only possible for developers that have legal background. Especially when it comes to financial products. As Freewallet was developed under Tech Castles Ltd mentorship, its apps are published under the Tech Castle legal name.

“Tech Castle have helped us a lot. We are mostly enthusiasts. And Tech Castle is a major partner that helps us with organizational procedures and legal advice.”


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