True Global Ventures preps fintech startup challenge in Stockholm

Source: True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures is excited to announce that we are co-organising with our partners our third Fintech event in Stockholm this coming fall (November 1 & 2).

Seeing the success of our previous pitch competition in April (the startups joined were top-notch!) we will organize another Startup competition this time round as well. For this event however we are expanding our horizon, focusing on the Nordic countries but also including companies from the global field in the search for the most driven Fintech startups to join our competition.

The focus for this event is directed towards:

  • Blockchain enabling for example lending, but also other areas
  • Insuretech
  • Credit Scoring

Although companies within these 3 segments are preferred, any Fintech startup that fulfill the below criteria are more than welcome to join.

Applications should be sent in by July 27th and will be vetted by a jury consisting of industry and investors. Those that pass this vetting will be invited to semi-final and finals in Stockholm November 1 & 2.

In Stockholm, the winner of this competition will be selected by the audience, which comprise CEOs, Chief Innovation Officers, Corporate Venture, M&A and business leaders from banks, finance, insurance, telcos and media nearing fintech and venture capital firms. As always, this event will be kept on an invitation-basis with a targeted audience from contacts/organisations that are potential customers, distribution partners and/or investors.

In addition to the marketing/networking opportunities that may arise, there is also a cash prize for the winner of this competition.

Criteria to enter

  • Fintech - Blockchain, Insurance, Credit Scoring, any other as mentioned above
  • Have existing customers
  • Early Stage (Founded within 5 years)

The industry and investors are welcome to nominate their portfolio companies. A nomination should have the founder CC:ed and an application should contain the following.

  • Team
  • Market
  • Competition
  • Business Model
  • Traction
  • Problem Solved & Description of Solution.
  • User case of paying customers/partnerships

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