ADVFN adds Greek stocks and indices to Web site


ADVFN is now providing users with free Greek stock market data.

The UK's leading stocks and shares website is offering private investors the opportunity to track stocks on the volatile Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX), with access to Greek Level One data. This includes bid, offer, highs, lows and current prices along with traded volumes. Users can obtain quotes for their desired stocks such as Centric Multimedia S.A. (ASE:DEPOL), view them on monitor pages, place them into their portfolios and look at streaming intraday and historical charts for individual stocks and indices.

ADVFN is also providing an extremely comprehensive package of ATHEX indices ranging from the Parallel General Index (ASI:DPR), which is similar to the AIM Index in the UK, to the principal Athens Stock Exchange indices including:
  • Main General Index (ASI:GD)
  • Ftse/Ase 20 Index (ASI:FTSE)
  • Ftse/Ase Mid 40 Index (ASI:FTSEM)
  • Ftse/Ase Smallcap 80 Index (ASI:FTSES)
  • Athex High Velocity Index (ASI:DYKT)

Users can also obtain SMS quotes for ATHEX stocks and indices and set up email alerts according to their own parameters.

"ATHEX is an exciting speculative market and many of our users will be attracted to the big stocks in the country's traditionally dominant banking sector as well as the prospects in the up-and-coming telecommunications sector. Stocks in the construction sector will provide private investors with further opportunities due to the preparations for the Olympics," said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN.

"By adding this programme of worldwide exchanges from the niche to the more mainstream, we aim to cater extensively for private investors whatever their interest. We look forward to announcing the many more developments that are in the pipeline," he continued.

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