Comprion develops contactless testing API

Source: Comprion

Comprion has developed a new testing API, a programming interface that allows developers to write their own test cases in the contactless environment (NFC Forum, EMVCo, ISO/IEC 18092, ISO/IEC 14443).

As the API offers the opportunity to implement user-defined scenarios in a lab environment, it is of high value for everyone involved in the development of contactless devices and applications. Product Manager Ralph Kamp explains, “Device and chipset manufacturers, for example, are interested in testing beyond what’s demanded by the different contactless standards.

They want to test their devices at the limits and indicate and solve possible field problems before launch.” Furthermore, the Contactless Testing API is also a useful tool for manufacturers of contactless tags and readers, application developers, and test labs.

The Contactless Testing API offers a wide range of analog parameters that are adjustable such as the waveform, load modulation amplitude, frequency, and bitrate. Kamp explicates, “With the Waveform Editor, the user is able to compile analog parameters in a very easy and convenient way. This is important for testing the device behavior according to threshold values.”

Above that, Comprion’s well-known Analog Scope and monitoring functionality can be used for analyzing the communication. Analog Scope is an integrated oscilloscope allowing the analysis of the signal flow on the electrical level. It comes with “Quick Measurements” – pre-configured, frequently used measurements. The monitoring software records and analyzes the contactless communication. It helps technology experts to analyze the communication and identify errors. It even offers the opportunity of writing automated monitoring analyzers.

The Contactless Testing API is based on the widespread programming language C#. Thus, there is no need to learn an additional tool-specific language. The API is available for the Comprion testers CLT One and UT³ Platform. Depending on which part of the contactless communication shall be tested (PICC/PCD, poller/listener); Comprion also provides the corresponding antennas.  

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