Pivotal Payments becomes Interac Direct Connector

Source: Pivotal Payments

Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions, announced today it has achieved certification as Direct Connector to the Interac Association Inter-Member Network.

With full debit authorization and settlement services, Pivotal's Interac Association membership allows it to become a single source provider for end-to-end debit card payment solutions to its partners and merchants across Canada.

Pivotal's Interac Association certification delivers merchant benefits such as improved billing flexibility, faster funding times, plus a single statement and settlement for both credit and debit card transactions, including one merchant deposit. The certification furthers Pivotal's goal of owning every aspect of the merchant relationship to provide a better overall payments experience by simplifying and reducing dependency on third-party providers. Pivotal's front-end technology platform, TANGO, provides direct connectivity, processor independence, margin enhancement and other efficiencies.

Pivotal Payments offers business owners the ability to take advantage of Interac Association's strong presence in Canada. According to a recent report by the Canadian Bankers Association, 94% of Canadians have a debit card that can be used at hundreds of thousands of Interac® Debit and Interac Flash accepting merchant locations across the nation, with that number having grown year over year. In Canada's competitive digital payments environment, Interac products and services provide merchants with innovative and secure payment acceptance options to better satisfy consumer demand.

"We're excited to begin offering the benefits of Interac Association certification to our merchants and sales partners. It’s one of the first value-driven merchant services we’ve launched tied into our advanced TANGO processing platform," said Philip Fayer, president and chief executive officer of Pivotal Payments. "By providing a direct physical connection to the Interac network, our merchants will enjoy a streamlined relationship with Pivotal, simplified reconciliation for all card transactions and even better back-end support."

“We found that consumer behaviour is a major driver in the future of payments innovation,” said Keith Birdsong, chief technology officer of Pivotal Payments. “Our merchants have indicated what their customers want are better payment security, convenience and ease of use at the checkout. The Interac network has these features and more. Our TANGO platform allows us to scale our solutions so our clients can take advantage of payment technology that not only meets, but exceeds the needs of their businesses and their customers.”

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