OpenMarket adds new countries to two-way mobile SMS service

Source: OpenMarket

OpenMarket, a leader in enterprise mobile engagement, today announced two-way SMS service for enterprises in 81 countries.

OpenMarket now offers a two-way mobile messaging service in 37 additional countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, allowing companies to engage interactively with a total of 6.1 billion mobile subscribers worldwide[1] via mobile.

Two-way SMS messaging provides a simple, secure and reliable communication channel for consumers to receive messages and respond to brands on everything from appointment reminders, to feedback surveys, to bank fraud alerts. For instance, consumers might receive a text message from their bank to let them know they have added a new payee to their online banking account. The consumer can then respond directly to that message to confirm his or her action or alert the bank to possible fraud.

SMS boasts open rates of over 95 percent[2] and has been found to be prioritized over email and push notifications by 85 percent of users[3]. These factors combined with its near ubiquity make two-way SMS a highly effective channel for enterprises to reach and engage with their customers directly.

“SMS remains in many ways the great equalizer - it’s available on virtually every phone and has an already familiar and trained user base,” said Jay Emmet, General Manager for OpenMarket. “By offering two-way SMS services in over 80 different countries, we’re enabling enterprises to engage successfully and reliably with consumers worldwide. Our breadth of coverage will help some of the world’s largest brands build better long-term customer relationships.”

OpenMarket has continued to expand its two-way SMS coverage in direct response to the needs of its global enterprise customer base which includes four out of the world’s top 10 most recognized brands. A number of developing markets are now included in OpenMarket’s coverage, allowing enterprises to engage via mobile in new territories.

OpenMarket is offering its enterprise customers two-way SMS in individual regions, as well as bundled options, to help enterprises reach wider markets in a cost-effective manner. The company also supports one-way connectivity in over 200 countries via its Global SMS API and its cloud-based Mobile Engagement Platform.

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